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Will SA 64xx work on NAS b2000 v2?

Archilles Castillo
Occasional Contributor

Will SA 64xx work on NAS b2000 v2?


HP Support says that any of the Smart Array 64xx is not compatible to NAS b2000 v2. I can understand their answer as the SA 64xx is not listed in the NAS b2000v2 QuickSpecs but I want a second opinion.

What made me not lose hope is the fact that SA64xx is listed in the DL380 G3 QuickSpecs. And since the NAS b2000 v2 is based on DL380 G3 platform (they have the same BIOS firmware code), it's not a remote possibility that the SA 64xx will work on NAS b2000 v2 box.

I'm insisting on 64xx as my MSA30 supports U320.

Thanks for any inputs.