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Windows 2003 Server SP1


Windows 2003 Server SP1


We have an NAS 2000 and NAS 1200 running windows server 2003 appliance edition. We want to install SP1 as there are some features we would like to use, can we jsut install the normal Windows Server 2003 SP1 or is there a special one for NAS servers? Also looking at the posts here what is thebest way to isntall it?

Thanks in advance for our help.
Steven Clementi
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Re: Windows 2003 Server SP1


Please see this link before you install...

Basically, HP has given the go ahead on installing MS patches and Service packs, but they recommend that you consult with them, or the website, for guidence when it comes to major Service Packs.

Installation methods vary. The easiest is to just put it on the network somewhere or CD, run it from the NAS... and let it do it's thing.

Steven Clementi
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Re: Windows 2003 Server SP1

Thanks most helpful
Jon Paul
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Re: Windows 2003 Server SP1

Hey Michael,
DO NOT INSTALL SP1 through a MSFT downloaded version.
Upgrade to SP1 using the NAS (Storage Server) Products Service Release 5.5
Available at:
Navigate there by going to then click on "Storage and NAS"
Stand-alone install of SP1 will cause your system to crash.
Good Luck