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X1600 12TB NAS - Automated Storage Manager Error

Aaron Schneider
Occasional Contributor

X1600 12TB NAS - Automated Storage Manager Error

Running on Windows 2008 Standard x64 Storage Server

I successfully provisioned two shared folders of 2TB a piece using the Automated Storage Manager. The Storage Utilization view correctly shows 7+ TB still available for allocation, but my attempts to create a third shared folder all result in the following error:

Could not find new uninitialized disk that matches LUN.

Viewing the LUN Management via the Server Manager Storage section shows a newly created LUN of the correct size, but shows it as "Not Ready".

In addition, when I look at the ACU, it shows the Logical Drives associated with my two successfully creating volumes in a "Transforming" and "Queued for Transformation" state.

I'm wondering if I am limited somehow in the operations I can perform against the arrays/disks while these logical drives are in this state.

No OS Storage Utility gives me any indication that these logical drives were not 100% ready. I have to view the ACU in order to see this "transformation" process.

So I'm wondering if the process is erroring out in the ASM simply because the ACU cannot queue another operation or because the OS is presenting the disks as unitialized since there are operations pending...or if the error is unrelated...and if so, why I cannot continue to create new shares/volumes.

Any opinions are appreciated...Thanks...