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X1600 G2 - Predictive Failure

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X1600 G2 - Predictive Failure

Hi All,

I have an X1600 G2 which has a predictive failure on a drive as part of a mirror set.

The drive has been replaced with now 6 different drives all with the same HP spare part number and all with Good Smart Test reports and good reports on disk test with no grown defects.

The drives initially get accepted and the green light pings away whilst it rebuilds, every time the rebuild completes the amber flashing light for predictive failure pops up and the reports shows this is the case. The firmware has been matched on some of the replacements tried and the RAID card in use is a P212.

Any idea from anyone on what is going on?

Kind Regards


Re: X1600 G2 - Predictive Failure

A few things to do, make sure that the firmware is the latest released for the system.  For the X1600G2 this is based upon the ProLiant DL180 G6 / SE1220. There is an advisory recommending to update the backplane for the system.  Here is the link to the advisory.

I am a HPE Employee