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X1600 G2 Questions

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X1600 G2 Questions

Hopefully nice and simple.


Is there a guide anywhere on fitting an additional network card in these machines? Seems to be somewhat over engineered on that point so would be great check I've got it right.


Also which button do you hold down to get into the set up on boot?


I know it's very basic stuff but I can't find a guide or anything on this machine.

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: X1600 G2 Questions

Hey, quickspecs are here:

For manuals etc go here:

You want to get a supported network card (check the quickspecs).

In the quickspecs it says "The X1600 G2 is built on a HP ProLiant DL180 G6 ". So, if the instructions are not in the User Guide for the X1000 G2 you can check out the service and maintenance guide for the DL180 G6.

There are videos for the DL180 G6 here:

but none that specifically show you how to install a card.

As for which button during POST, usually it's F9 or F12, ESC or DEL :) It should tell you which to press during boot. It might call BIOS "RBSU".
Sudhakar Subramaniam
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Re: X1600 G2 Questions

 HI ,

If you are looking about network teaming this should help.