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Re: X1600(kinda a dl380 g6)

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X1600(kinda a dl380 g6)

Hi i have a storeworks x1600 server looks like it s dl380 g6 but different mb  layout


anyway when it boots now it saying the maintaince switch is on, dose anyone know where is this maintaince switch








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Re: X1600(kinda a dl380 g6)

If it's not really an HP server you're probably not going to get much help here on an HP server forum. :)

My best advice would be to look on the system board itself to see if there's a row of obvious dip-switches. If there's no text to go along with which one does what, flip them one at a time to see which one fixes the boot message.

If the server manufacturer was smart or at least helpful, they may have placed some kind of info about switches and other stuff on the lid, like HP does.