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X1800sb NFS share permissions problem

Bill Costigan
Honored Contributor

X1800sb NFS share permissions problem

I setup an NFS share on a X1800 server blade.

I can successfully do an NFS mount as root from Redhat Linux and HPUX. Although the mount shows in the 'df' whenever I try to access it, I get a permissions error. I cannot even do an 'ls' on the directory. I cannot find any events in the event viewer on the x1800 that gives me a clue as to where the problem is.

I ran the nfs-adam-config script and it created the UNIX users and groups. The UIDs and GIDs are listed as comments to the windows user and groups. I cannot figure out how the UNIX UIDs and GIDs actually get mapped to the windows user IDs. I thought I had everything wide open, e.g. allow root and anonymous access.

Any idea what I'm missing?