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X9000 Maximum Namespaces

Venilton de Carvalho Jr
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X9000 Maximum Namespaces


Does anyone know how much namespaces can I have in a X9000 cluster?
I'm asking this because we have a client that wants to have site failover for X9000 solution. But meanwhile he has the site 1 in production with a namespace, he wants to have an area at the standby cluster with another namespace and one is failover of another.

I know that I can have a single namespace of a total of 16TB. But if I wonder not to have a single and have more than one?

Thanks for any reply
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Re: X9000 Maximum Namespaces

I'm not aware of a strict limit for namespaces in the x9000 line. You're more limited in the number of segments that should be owned by each segment server as a best practice. I wouldn't go over 15 segments per segment server, so depending on the number of FSNs and the number of segments per namespace, you'd have to determine the best fit there.