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Re: aio 1200 performance

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aio 1200 performance

ok I am new to these systems

Model spec
12 x 250 GB front loading, hot-plug, 7.2 K RPM SATA MDL HDDs 3gbps

I would like to know in detail how i can check disk que io length
as appears system is reported slow

and what should i expect speed wise and disk que length wise

also would like to know how to gather the relevant logs required

and generally how to check performance on this system

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Re: aio 1200 performance

for each of the above 5 questions 10 points will be awarded for each

so reply with a post for each one thanks ;)
Joshua Small_2
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Re: aio 1200 performance

The best way to check the disk queue is to run Windows perfmon.

This article is pretty detailed:

Generally if your disk queue averages at over three, you're going to be experiencing issues.

As far as logs go, again perfmon is the place to look, except you'd setup a long term counter instead of just a short term trace.

At the end of the day, you've got low speed SATA disks sharing over iSCSI of SMB (depending on configuration). If you're being asked to look at performance, it's undoubtedly because you're exceeding the abilities of the storage hardware.
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Re: aio 1200 performance

thanks for reply but SMB ?

any logs that can be collected in aio , that show such issues