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Re: data protector 5.5 refuses the license

Ahmed ElAraby
New Member

data protector 5.5 refuses the license

we provide the openview data protector 5.5 with the license needed to activate the software which are "single drive for windows /netware/linux" & " online extension for ONE windows / linux system" and in the days column it says "permanent" but when performing our schedule backup as usual it doesn't do it, it has this error "not enought license (single drive for windows /netware /linux)" ... anyone have any idea whats going on?

OS: windows server 2003 R2 (enterprise edition)
host: storage works MSL6030
Jaroslaw Jasinski
New Member

Re: data protector 5.5 refuses the license

I have a similar problem with license. In logs every day it appears error "1 license(s) need to be purchased for category "On-line Extension for ONE Windows / Linux system". Run "omnicc -check_licenses -detail" for more info."
Is "on-line extension..." license is needed for backup opened files (for example databases MS SQL2005 which are not backed up) or is somethnik else ?
Win2003 Srv Std Edition
HP DP 5.5 with patch DPWIN_00252 (Ms SQL 7.0/2000 Integration)
HP StorageWorks SSL1016 Ultrium-2