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dl380 storage server -- cannot create/format volumes

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dl380 storage server -- cannot create/format volumes

New DL380 storage server with external array. I can add drives to the array, and it sees the disk OK, but if I create a volume on the disk, it bombs. Within Storage Manager, if I try, it fails, usually with an error relating to the mount point, which I didn't specify. If I don't tell it to format, it goes right back to the main screen when you hit next.

If I try creating a volume in Disk Manager, it will create, but it is unable to format. Any time I tell it to format, I get an error and a failure.

this is fresh out of the box. I saw these postings about the software updates, so I ordered the latest DVD, restored from that, and things didn't change much if any.

Am I doing something incorrectly? Am I missing something? I create an array (with spare) fine, but trying to create and format volumes is failing...