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iSCSI AIOSB600C VMWare ESX and multiple host access

Marko Zrim
Occasional Contributor

iSCSI AIOSB600C VMWare ESX and multiple host access


I configured iSCSI LUN on windows management server,
and add two iSCSI initiators (one for each ESX server).
What I would like to achieve is VMotion. So I need that.

But when creating a new LUN with HP management tool
AiO ASM there is no option for EXCLUSIVE STORAGE as
mentioned in HP document 4AA1-5829ENW.pdf.

Because no exclusive storage is enabled,
iSCSI LUN can't be accessed by two servers at the same time.

Now my question: where to get proper HP
All-in-One Storage System Management with
this option, because software that I use,
is lacking this.

All firmwares and software is updated.
Is it possible that I should perform some
other steps but not the one mentioned in
the document to enable this sort of access?

> HP All-in-One storage mangement
> Host a User defined Application
> Next
> Next
> Application
> Next
> OK
> Finish

Can anyone please help?
Jim Cole 2
New Member

Re: iSCSI AIOSB600C VMWare ESX and multiple host access

Marko, Did you ever resolve this? I just got a AIO1200R in was able to get vmotion working on it on 2 ESXi servers

What I did was bypass the HP utility and went directly to the Admin Tools->iSCSI Target. I defined a target and when it asked for the IQN I hit advanced and added both IQNs, defined my storage, etc to finish the target.

I then went to the VI client and went to each host->configuration->storage adapters and rescanned them. I clicked on the iscsi adapter and it saw my new lun. I verified both hosts could see the lun.

I then went to storage on each host and added it. It formatted it on the first host.

At this point I assumed it was all set since the storage was visible to both hosts so I migrated a powered off VM to the lun.

I powered on the VM and once it was up I RDPed into it..this is a windows machine. I then migrated it from host 1 to host 2. It migrated so I decided to migrate it did it again.

I think you can use the HP utility to define the iSCSI target but then you have to go into the MS Target and add the 2nd IQN.

The HP software complains that the iSCSI target contains multiple host references that multiple hosts are not supported. I assume this is just a HP software issue.

I was assured the MS target could handle this and it looks like it can.

If it couldn't I'd restage my brand new(2 day old) AIO1200R with Openfiler..the heck with them if they couldnt handle this :)

Good luck!