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iSCSI LUN Not Connected - HP Storageworks X1600

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iSCSI LUN Not Connected - HP Storageworks X1600

Hello! I just got this HP Storageworks X1600, and configuration went fine, up to the point in which I'm trying to setup an iSCSI drive. Everytime I create the Target, the virtual disk, then assign the virtual disk to the driver, it gives me this warning: iSCSI LUN not connected to host.

So after that, if I go on iSCSI initiatior on a Windows client, can't connect. Tried also Xen Server, and it discovers the IQN just fine, but fails when trying to discover LUNs.

So I'm thinking I'm missing something here, but have tried google this, looked on the manual from HP, haven't been able to make it work.

Thanks for any help you can give me.



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Re: iSCSI LUN Not Connected - HP Storageworks X1600


Hello, this has been solved.

I had the iSCSI initiator installed on the host and clients, but neither could connect past detecting the servers IQN. Turns out it was a stupid thing...when creating the target, on the properties, there is this tab called iSCSI initiators, and in it you have to put the IQN of the clients that will be allowed to connect to that virtual disk.

So I went on the properties of the VMs in Xen and put a IQN and copied that and added it to the list and that allowed everything to connect finally.

Thanks again guys! Cheers!.