nas 1000s

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nas 1000s

I would like to use the Microsoft IIS Lock down tool. The Nas is going to be primary used for storage of data that users can access. Can I install it on my NAS? What services will I need running so that they can still access their files?

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Re: nas 1000s

Be *very careful* about running the lockdown tool. It likes to shut down all ports and lock down everything. If you let it do this, it will disable your access to the Web UI -- and thereby your ability to access certain functionality that is *only* available via the Web UI (such as PSM).

We are currently investigating security and working on producing a white paper on how to lock down the NAS servers. However, this investigation just started, so it will be a while before the white paper is published and hits an external web site.

As far as ports and such, you can search around and find out what ports are used for CIFS, NFS, ICMP, etc., and then not lock down those ports. You need to allow basic networking services, as well as file sharing services, in order to be able to use your server as a file server.