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nas8000 windows(smb) dropout

Alan Reed
Occasional Contributor

nas8000 windows(smb) dropout

All our windows (smb) connections to our NAS8000 terminated,
for no known reason. The NFS connections are still running fine.
I do not want to re-boot the NAS since the NFS connections
are all fine.

How do I restart the smb daemons from the web interface
without having to reboot the NAS? There are no buttons on
the web command interface to the nas8000 to startup the
smb connections.
Alan Reed
Occasional Contributor

Re: nas8000 windows(smb) dropout

The work-around that I used was to add a new volume named junk.
Then I gave that a new smb share. I attached the share to a
drive letter on my PC, and, lo and behold, the NAS's smb
daemon started up. We then reattached all our windows systems
to the NAS and all was OK.