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sb600c + BackupExec 12.5 + iSCSI = VSS ERROR

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sb600c + BackupExec 12.5 + iSCSI = VSS ERROR

I see a couple mentions of this here or there, but I haven't found a resolution that works for me.

We have a blade running BackupExec 12.5, a separate blade running Exchange 2007 SP1. Both Servers are Windows Server 2008 x64 SP2.

On the StorageWorks, we have Windows Storage Server 2003.

The Exchange Server has its data store located on an iSCSI LUN presented by the StorageWorks. Everything seems to work great except for backups. Any time we try to backup the Exchange Store, we get the following error:

Volume Shadow Copy Warning: The provider has reported a storage identifier that is not supported by VSS. Codeset: 1 Type: 8 Size: 50 NextOffset: 68 Association: 1 This identifier will be skipped by VSS.

Check If Volume Is Supported by Provider
Add a Volume to a Shadow Copy Set

Execution Context: Provider
Provider Name: Microsoft iSCSI Target VSS Hardware Provider
Provider Version: 3.1.3465
Provider ID: {2f900f90-00e9-440e-873a-96ca5eb079e5}
Volume Name: \\?\Volume{1470a2a2-998a-11de-bef8-002481e07b00}\
Snapshot Context: 0
Execution Context: Coordinator

VSS LIST WRITERS shows all stable/no error.

vssadmin 1.1 - Volume Shadow Copy Service administrative command-line tool
(C) Copyright 2001-2005 Microsoft Corp.

Provider name: 'Symantec Software VSS Provider'
Provider type: Software
Provider Id: {262b716e-bb23-41b5-aaef-e2c15e767167}
Version: 1.0

Provider name: 'Microsoft iSCSI Target VSS Hardware Provider'
Provider type: Hardware
Provider Id: {2f900f90-00e9-440e-873a-96ca5eb079e5}
Version: 3.1.3465

Provider name: 'Microsoft Software Shadow Copy provider 1.0'
Provider type: System
Provider Id: {b5946137-7b9f-4925-af80-51abd60b20d5}

Every support # I've called has pointed the finger at somebody else. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Amol Garge
Trusted Contributor

Re: sb600c + BackupExec 12.5 + iSCSI = VSS ERROR


What I think right now is too many chefs are trying to make the same soup...

Too many VSS providers are working together.

I would do it this way:

You can keep a process of elimination, take a back up of registry before starting.

Keep only Symantec VSS provider, try test back up.

Keep trying one provider at a time, there are only 3, so it will be a fairly small diagnosis.


Re: sb600c + BackupExec 12.5 + iSCSI = VSS ERROR

How would you recommend disabling the providers? Disabling the provider services associated doesn't seem to yield the results I'm looking for.
Amol Garge
Trusted Contributor

Re: sb600c + BackupExec 12.5 + iSCSI = VSS ERROR

You can deregister the provider

Re: sb600c + BackupExec 12.5 + iSCSI = VSS ERROR

Thanks for the assistance, however the info you've provided shows a method, not a command. I'm not really comfortable traveling down this path for a couple reasons. 1. I'm not a programmer by trade, and 2. this is a production machine that we aren't getting good backups of.

My thought actually leans in the opposite direction - that is, I'm wondering if I need a specific VSS provider for the StorageWorks. I came across this: but it doesn't seem to apply to my sb600
Amol Garge
Trusted Contributor

Re: sb600c + BackupExec 12.5 + iSCSI = VSS ERROR

ok, I agree.couple of points though..

1. SB600 is a JBOD , I doubt if we'll ever find the VSS providers for it.

2. Even if we find it, we'll just end up adding one more provider

3. I think this is not an issue with SB600,this is a backup issue and/or iSCSI target software issue.


need more research... will come back shortly.

Re: sb600c + BackupExec 12.5 + iSCSI = VSS ERROR

I tend to agree, the VSS providers I'm seeing from HP are obviously for higher end disk arrays.

It seems to be selecting the best available provider (Microsoft iSCSI...) but for some reason that's not working out which doesn't seem right from everything I've read. Even HP's whitepapers say that this method is perfectly workable for backups. I just don't know that the things I've read have 2008 x64 in mind.

What gets me is that I'm not really using anything special here other than what I've already mentioned. I installed the Exchange server agent from the SB600. The iSCSI target/initiatior (both MS provided) seem to be correct from a data access standpoint. I can see everything normally from ASM. I have a feeling there's something simple that I'm missing. I suppose looking for a magical checkbox that says "[ ] backups work right" isn't the way to go though.

I hesitate to say this isn't a problem with the SB600. Hardware-wise, I agree, but the supporting software seems to be the problem. I'm just not sure if it's on the StorageWorks side or the Microsoft side since it's saying that the storage identifier is not supported.
Amol Garge
Trusted Contributor

Re: sb600c + BackupExec 12.5 + iSCSI = VSS ERROR

You are right, we are all looking(at least I am ) for few of the check boxes:

"[ ] backups work right"

"[ ] life go easy"

"[ ] money come truck loads"

jokes apart, I think we need to upgrade either one of the provider or disable the providers.
I am still looking for a simple way to disable the other providers.Old friends in MS support are helping...
In touch with a friend from Symantec as well...
I'll update you soon...

Re: sb600c + BackupExec 12.5 + iSCSI = VSS ERROR

Thanks for your help with this. Like I said, I've been in contact with the support desks at Symantec and HP. Symantec said they couldn't help me any further as the issue appears to be with the VSS provider and not their software. The HP desk I called could only provide hardware support, and couldn't give me any other information. I'm kind of stuck here, so I really appreciate the efforts.
Amol Garge
Trusted Contributor

Re: sb600c + BackupExec 12.5 + iSCSI = VSS ERROR

ok, here's the solution:

1. MS says that remove the Symantec provider

2. Symantec says that their provider interacts with MS provider.

So, they basically say the same thing, we remove the Symantec provider as its just redundant:

Here's what we do:

Take a backup of registry

Delete the Symantec VSS provider GUID from :


reboot server, take backup!

All the best!