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shadow copy failure within Windows Storage Server 2003


shadow copy failure within Windows Storage Server 2003

I have a ~375GB volume named G: and another ~400GB volume named E:

I had shadow copies enabled on G: and being stored on E: when they
originally worked, there was only ~200GB of data on G: I have since then
copied another ~125GB bringing the total used storage on G: to ~325GB.
Since I copied the additional data to G: shadow copies have failed to even
be enabled. I have attached a screenshot to show the event veiwer

When shadow copies worked, they space they were taking up was ~100MB or so.
E: has nothing on it and was dedicated to shadow copy storage.

Is there some sort of limitation in the amount of data that can be shadow
copied? Does anyone know how to get a rough estimate in the amount of
storage needed per shadow copy based on the volume size?

any thoughts or help would be great.


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Re: shadow copy failure within Windows Storage Server 2003

Amount of volume space to allocate to shadow copies:

When you enable shadow copies on a volume, you can specify the maximum amount of volume space to be used for the shadow copies. The default limit is 10 percent of the source volume (the volume being copied). Increase the limit for volumes where users frequently change files.
Setting the limit too small can adversely affect other programs, such as the Backup program in Windows Server 2003 and other backup programs that support the Volume Shadow Copy service. For more information about the Volume Shadow Copy service, see the Storage Services link on the Web Resources page at


Regardless of the volume space that you allocate for shadow copies, you can have a maximum of 64 shadow copies for any volume. When the 65th shadow copy is taken, the oldest shadow copy is purged.

Re: shadow copy failure within Windows Storage Server 2003

I've got the storage limit for shadow copies set to "No Limit" since they are being stored on another drive. The drive where the shadow copies are being stored is larger in size than the source volume, which is why I'm confused about there being a free space issue.