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Re: storageworks x1600 g2 trays?

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storageworks x1600 g2 trays?

I have an opportunity to pick up a couple storageworks x1600 g2 units but they are missing all the trays.  Do the standard trays from units like the DL320s or ML350 g4 work?


example on ebay:


also, will I have an issue running off-the-shelf SATA drives?  Does HP lock these down to specific drives etc?


Thanks for any help in advance!





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Re: storageworks x1600 g2 trays?

Hi dandenson,


the x1600 g2 systems use the same SATA trays as standard ProLiant servers (prior to Gen 8 Smart Drives).


However, HP SATA drives come with specific firmware designed to complement array controller features; using off-the-shelf drives, even though they'd physically fit into these trays, is highly discouraged as it will lead to unpredictive behaviour including potential data loss or corruption.


Best option would be to purchase standard HP drives (they will come bundled with trays and will have HP-supported firmware as well as HP standard warranty if you buy via appropriate channel).


Hope this helps,