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x1600 speed issue after upgrade

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x1600 speed issue after upgrade

We purchased a x1600 half populated with 1tb drives. A few months ago we upgraded the remaining 6 slots to 2tb drives. The system performance has dropped severely. During windows patches (storage server 2008), patches all fail and are reverted. Yesterday the failure cost me 10 hours of down time while the system checked 41k lines of registry at a 1.7 entries a second.


I have perhaps over loaded the controller with too much and now the OS drives (in the rear of chassis) have no room to function?


Basic windows functions are horribly slow, might as well be on a P3.




Johan Guldmyr
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Re: x1600 speed issue after upgrade

X1600 LFF has a P212 with 512MB BBWC.

I don't think it's the controller getting overloaded.

Does the HP SmartStart CD work on this? Or maybe there already are diagnostic tools on the machine. Check out ACU/ADU or System Management Homepage or Insight Diagnostics.
the SmartStart CD you can boot on and run diagnostics with.

Maybe it's a disk that's broken or it's doing a rebuild or something?