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1/8 Autoloader - Netware 5.1 - Adaptec U160

Steve Curtis_2
Occasional Visitor

1/8 Autoloader - Netware 5.1 - Adaptec U160

I have a VS80 1/8 Autoloader attached to a Compaq ML530 Netware 5.1 server, using Arcserve 7 with Tape Library Option.

I originally was using the on-board Compaq SCSI controller, but throughput was too slow. I've installed an Adaptec 29160M card, but am unable to make Arcserve see the drive/changer. I've configured the SCSI BIOS to enable LUN support, and at startup both changer and drive are displayed.
I'm using the ADPT160M.HAM driver with 'slot= and LUN_ENABLE=' switches.

I'm finding this problem very frustrating, has anyone else come across this???