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1/8 G2 autoloader & data protector

Tan Joon Kuan
New Member

1/8 G2 autoloader & data protector

I'm getting the error message - invalid media in data protecter when I inserted some tape into the autoloader, although it is new installed and the tapes are new.
Thanks in advance for your respond.
D Wong
Regular Advisor

Re: 1/8 G2 autoloader & data protector

Hi Tan Joon:

Wasn't sure if you were talking about Data Protector Express or OpenView Data Protector. These are complete different software products.

If you are talking about Data Protector Express. You should setup your backup job to "Format blank media only". Quick Erase your tape cartridge if it already has any data on the tape cartridge. DPX does not like to write onto tapes with any previous data on the tape cartridge.

Last, make sure your Autoloader is detected as ONLINE by DPX software under the Devices icon. If you see a yellow Exclamination mark by the Autoloader device icon you need to stop/start DPX services and/or reboot the Autoloader. In a worst case reboot server.