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1/9 Autoloader onto Proliant 6000

Ernest Tan
Occasional Visitor

1/9 Autoloader onto Proliant 6000

We are trying to install the above subject via SCSI cable, but the Win2K proliant 6000 server could not detect it.

Advise would be greatly appreciated.

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: 1/9 Autoloader onto Proliant 6000

What SCSI HBA are you using to attach the autoloader?

The 1/9 Autoloader was available in both LVDS (low-voltage differential) and HVDS (high-voltage differential). An HVDS autloader can only be used on an HVDS SCSI HBA (such as an adaptec 2944UW). The LVDS autoloader should be used on an LVDS HVS (such as an addaptec 2940U2W or 29160).

You also need to be using a compatable terminator on the autoloader to terminate the SCSI bus.
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