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110/220 GB SDLT tape cartridges


110/220 GB SDLT tape cartridges

Just scored on an HP Storageworks MSL5052. Complete setup with four drives. Only problem is I did not get any of the cartridges B4 they where destroyed!
Where can one get a number of "used" cartridges? I'm on a tight (personal) budget. Ebay has them listed from $40 to $70 a pop! I'm looking for used.

Thanks All!

Eric de Lange (MSE)
Valued Contributor

Re: 110/220 GB SDLT tape cartridges

Hi Robert,


I would not use 'used' tape media. You do not know the level of wear that the tape has sustained. Wear on tape is caused by normal reading and writing, additional wear is caused by poor-environments (dust, debris, etc), poor performance (shoeshing the tapes) and other factors. Wear is not visible on the outside of the cartridge.


it's like bying a Ferrari and then fitting second hand tires and fuel up on poor quality fuel.


good luck,