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1533A firmware/driver update

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1533A firmware/driver update

I try to run an extern HP C1533A DDS-2 DAT drive via a Formac ProRaid SCSI Card on a Mac G4 Computer with MacOs 9.x with no success. So I think I have to update my firmware but didn't found any for the MacOs, only for Windows.
Help needed.


Harald Braun
Alexander M. Ermes
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Re: 1533A firmware/driver update

Hi there.
There is a difference between firmware and drivers.
The firmware is stored on an EPROM chip inside the drive.
The drivers are the connecting software between the OS and the firmware.
Firmware should be on a selfloading tape,
the drivers should be found either somewhere on a HP side or from the OS vendor.
Alexander M. Ermes
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Olaf Tomaszewski
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Re: 1533A firmware/driver update


4.6.1 Operating System Environment(s)

[ ] MPE-V [ ] RTE [X] HP-UX Series 700
[ ] MPE-XL [ ] HP 250/260 OS [ ] HP-UX Series 300/400
[ ] MS-DOS [ ] 64100 OS [ ] Domain/Motorola
[ ] OS/2 [ ] BASIC/PASCAL [ ] Domain/PRISM
[ ] SCO Unix [X] HP-UX Series 800
[X] MPE/iX

As you can see MacOS is not supported - it mean that no one can guarante you that it will work under MacOS.
Emma Sanford_4
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Re: 1533A firmware/driver update

Hi Braun,

Another point to remember, these drives are not for use with RAID cards....must be connected to stanadard SCSI, recommended is Adaptec 2940 or 29160.


John Becich
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Re: 1533A firmware/driver update

I have an old C1533A SCSI tape drive, and I'd like to update its firmware. This device is NOT an autoloader.

I have installed a handy utility (version 2.7) that I very recently downloaded from the HP website, for managing my tape drive, on the W98SE computer that hosts the tape drive. It has provision for updating firmware, but the relevant firmware did not come with that download. If only I could download that firmware. Can anyone advise me where to get it?

I'm having problems getting the drive to operate under W98. The utility does, indeed, see the drive, through the Adaptec 2940W SCSI interface card that supports it.

Jan Klier
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Re: 1533A firmware/driver update

I assume you are referring to HP Library & Tape Tools?

It can find all the apporporiate firmware on teh web. Start the software, then go under the file menu into 'Get Files From Web'. You should be able to select the matching firmware there and it will copy it onto your local system, where it then is ready to be used in a firmware download.