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160DAT USB Tape and Backup Exec 10

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160DAT USB Tape and Backup Exec 10

hello. i have a 160DAT USB Internal Tape and the backup exec 10 software with sp5 patch installed.

Backup exec doesn't recognize the tape drive.

any ideas?
Russell C. Smith
Valued Contributor

Re: 160DAT USB Tape and Backup Exec 10

Symantec Backup Exec 10 does not support the DAT 160 USB. Symantec have no plans to release a device update pack to enable support for the DAT 160. The DAT 160 is supported with Backup Exec 11d and later (depending on the operating system).

Please refer to the Software Compatibility Table for tape on the HP Backup Compatibility web site ( for the list of supported applications for your Tape + OS combination:

HINT: Click the ticks in the matrix to see the backup applications.

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Re: 160DAT USB Tape and Backup Exec 10

Hi, USB device are not supported by BE, but you can use Microsoft (or HP) drivers. Just remember that you MUST allways overwrite. BE can't continue buckup after it reach the end of a media, it will ask for a new one.