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1x8 G2 AUTOLDR do not read barcode

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1x8 G2 AUTOLDR do not read barcode


I have this HPE Autoloader

Autoloader Information
Serial Number:
Product ID: 1x8 G2 AUTOLDR
Currently Installed Autoloader Firmware: 3.50 / 2.40n
Bootcode Firmware Revision: 0.60
Barcode Reader: CSE600
Autoloader Mode: Automatic, Random
WWide Node Name: 5001438004D1EF68
Autoloader Controller Version: LCM 1.0


Drive Information (LUN)
Vendor ID HP
Product ID Ultrium 5-SCSI
Serial Number -
Firmware Revision Y5BW
Physical Drive Slot Number 1
Element Address 1
Autoloader LUN Hosted By Drive Yes
Data Compression Yes
Interface Type Fibre Channel
WWide Node Name 5001438004D1EF69
Port A
WWide Port Name 5001438004D1EF6A
Port Type Automatic
Speed Automatic


Now if I run inventory I see only Cleaner labeled:

Element Status Information
Drive (1) Full, Gen. 5
Slot 1 (1) Full, Gen. 5
Slot 2 (1) Full, Gen. 5
Slot 4 (1) Full, Gen. 5
Slot 5 (1) Full, Gen. 5
Slot 6 (1) Full, Gen. 5
Slot 7 (1) Full, Gen. 5
Slot 8 (1) Full, Gen. 1 CLN014L1

How to I configure to read barcode?

Is need to update Autoloader firmware and drive firmware?

Which version can I upload?


Thanks for the support.


Re: 1x8 G2 AUTOLDR do not read barcode

Are you using HPE tape labels or pre-labeled tapes?

The barcode reader in the autoloader can read any barcode that complies with the format specification, is aligned correctly on the tape, and has the correct reflectivity.  We have seen a lot of barcode reader problems are caused by barcodes that don't meet one of those requirements.  The HPE barcodes are designed to be self aligning and are printed exactly in the middle of the various requirements for formatting and reflectivity to optimize the readability.


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Re: 1x8 G2 AUTOLDR do not read barcode

I agree with Curtis on this one, and I'll add another bit - In your original email you listed the inventory from the library showing slots 1-7 as "Full, Gen 5" and slot 8 as a cleaning tape with a barcode of "CLN014L1". This indicates the barcode reader is working correctly, but it's unable to read the labels on slots 1-7 for some reason. HPE recommends our own labels for the reasons that Curtis discussed - there is a technical white paper on barcodes that may be useful for you as well:

I work for HPE
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