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2/20 Upgrade question

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Sreejith Kaliyam
Regular Advisor

2/20 Upgrade question


we have an HP 2/20 Ultrium Library. We are planning to do some upgrades on this. Here are my questions.

1) When you do a slot upgrade on 2/20 to add 20 more slots, it becomes 2/40 effectively. Does that mean that the robot will be able to pick up any tapes from any slots and put it to the drive ??

2) Is there any more slot upgrades possible to make it a 60 slot library ??

3) Can we add any additional drive to make it 3/40 or 4/40 after the slot upgrade ??

4) Is there any firmware issues to take care before the slot upgrade ???


Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: 2/20 Upgrade question


1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Yes.
4. Most likely... latest firmwares are always advisable.


Note that when you setup the device according to HP instructions, you will need one SCSI controller / drive. Daisy-chaining can be done, but it's not recommended.

You will find upgrade instructions under "manuals".

Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: 2/20 Upgrade question

The Surestore 2/20 library is discontinued and slot upgrade kits is not avilable. This was the answere I got when i wanted to upgrade our library for some months ago.
Peter Frazer
Frequent Advisor

Re: 2/20 Upgrade question

You may want to check with your VAR or another VAR as they may have the items you need in stock. Just realize that you probably won't be able to purchase new support contracts for the upgrades (luckily I bought mine last year).

Peter Frazer
Sreejith Kaliyam
Regular Advisor

Re: 2/20 Upgrade question

Hi all,

Thanks for the inputs.. really appreciate it..