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20/40 -GB dat Autoloader

20/40 -GB dat Autoloader

Dear All,

I have a problem with 20/40 -GB dat Autoloader (internal). When I insert magazine in Autoloader LCD shows "Illegal Cassete Config" and eject magacine even I use recomended configuration of cassetes.

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: 20/40 -GB dat Autoloader

from user manual:
"When a cartridge in the magazine is found to be misoriented, the display will alert the user that there is an illegal cassette configuration, and eject the magazine. The slot icon for the misoriented tape will be illuminated. The magazine will be ejected with tapes in the position they were in when the illegal cassette configuration was detected. The loader will not attempt to put the cartridges back into their original locations due to the possibility that jamming could occur. The illegally oriented cartridge will be in slot 7 of the magazine when ejected".
Try loading magazine without tapes at all. Try loading magazine with one good tape. Then add more and more tapes. Check at which tape OR at which magazine slot it will stuck with this message again.
Please also check if there're no misplaced labels on the tapes. Labels should only be applied to tape's designated locations