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20/700, DP 5.1 and sctl or schgr for robot

Eric Buckner
Regular Advisor

20/700, DP 5.1 and sctl or schgr for robot

Hi everyone. We have a 20/700, SAN connected w/ just HP-UX 11i machines as clients, that we configured almost a year ago now. As it turns out I did not create the sctl device file for the picker and just used the /dev/rac/c#t#d# schgr driver for robot control.

Of course new firmware upgrades among other things has forced me to redo this configuration. And I have run into an issue. It appears that DP5.10 is locking the sctl device anytime a backup is going on. And since that is happening the routines that I have in place that eject tapes and load/format tapes are failing with a Device Busy message.

I have changed those scripts back to using the schgr driver and it appears that it bypasses the locking that sctl is doing.

One of the things that concerns me in that DP5.10 tool SANCONF configures the library using the schgr device for the robot. And when I actually go into the GUI to look at available robotic devices the sctl device is not even present and I have purposely built it as /dev/rac/picker.

What does it hurt if the library runs w/ the schgr driver? And why doesn't DP5.10 even find the sctl driver if that is what we are supposed to use for the robot?
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Ashwani Kashyap
Honored Contributor

Re: 20/700, DP 5.1 and sctl or schgr for robot

yes the robot has to use the sctl driver .In our environment we use DP5.0 on HPUX 11.0 with a 10/180 library and it works just fine .

THe only diffrence is that I have the robotocas device file as /dev/picker with the sctl major number .