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35/70 GB DLT SCSI timeout

Daniel Otten_1
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35/70 GB DLT SCSI timeout

Netware 5.1 Veritas Backup Exec for NetWare v8.5 No changes in months Backups have been running flawlessly for months/years and now I get a SCSI timeout every time the server attempts to access the tape drive.
Help . . . Please.
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Re: 35/70 GB DLT SCSI timeout


Have you powered off the tape drive and re-boot your server to re-establish the SCSI chain?

If you still get timeout errors after reinitializing the chain, check the cables and terminator on the drive. Make sure to re-seat the cable on both ends of the drive and controller and make sure the terminator is firmly connected.

Alternatively, it could be the drive logics are going bad or that the card is causing the error. If you still have errors after re-seating the cable/terminator, try installing another SCSI card.

after that... the drive..,

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