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4/40 robotics killing our san?

Occasional Advisor

4/40 robotics killing our san?


We had a funny experience. During maintenance works we found that one of our servers in the san was not reachable. When booting the thing it wouldn't come up (driver loading). When further checking, we found that other servers in the san also didn't respond properly and wouldn't boot correctly. At one point we found that the library in our SAN wasn't responding properly either. We weren't able to reboot it by tool, so a poweroff was necessary. Upon rebooting a loud bang-noise occured. And funny enough, our servers were ok again.
Did anybody experience something similar? Is this maybe a firmware issue? Where should we take a look? The FC-Switch? Any hints are welcome!
So long and thanks for all the fish
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: 4/40 robotics killing our san?

Do I understand you correct, your server don't boot when the library is powered on, but when you power off the library the server will boot. If I have understand this correct it can be a FC adressing problem. If your library is configured for soft adressing you should perhaps change this to hard adressing.