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448 wrong capacity

448 wrong capacity

I have a Autoloader 1/8 + ULTRIUM 448 (LTO2) managed by a HP OV DP5.5 behind a W2003. The data cartridges that I use are the C7972A of 400GB with compression.
I have a problem with the space available in tapes since from 150GB it indicates to me that the tape is full, when I must find a capacity over 200GB + the compression by hardware. Watching the report from “Support Tickets from Device” indicates to me that the “Data compression is enabled” and from software (OV DP5.5) is not activated the compression by software. When format the tapes, I do it by its capacity without compression as it indicates by the HP manual of OVDP (2048000 MB).
¿Somebody knows as I can solve this problem of capacity of tapes?

Thanks a lot.

Re: 448 wrong capacity

Everything clarified.
The client uses tapes of less capacity reason why the result is correct.