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9-track tape drives for HP9000 server

Michael D. Zorn
Regular Advisor

9-track tape drives for HP9000 server

We're replacing an HP9000/K200 server that has 2 7980S 9-track tape drives. Evidently those aren't really state-of-the-art devices any more. We'd like to have a 9-track drive on the new machine (an rp3410 9000-class machine).

Hardware maintenance on the drives is also quite expensive.

Does anybody know if the 7980S is supported by HP, or if there's a third-party maker of 9-track SCSI drives?
Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

Re: 9-track tape drives for HP9000 server

It looks like you can still purchase replacements parts for the 7980S from HP on the HP parts web site. I would assume that HP still supports the SCSI 9 track 7980S. It might be more cost effective for you if you bought some maintenance spares, those refurbished 7980S tape drives sell for about 1k on the used market.

Hope this helps
Cypress Technology Inc
HP Re-Seller