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9940 Tape Drives and Compression

A. Daniel King_1
Super Advisor

9940 Tape Drives and Compression

Hi, folks.

I'm setting up several 9940s (in 9840 emulation mode). My application vendor requires that I write data in an uncompressed format.

Q: How do I guarantee that I'm writing in uncompressed format?

I understand that I'll need to create device files, but i'd like to be sure that I've done the right thing.

$/usr/bin/ll d9840
crw-rw-rw- 1 bin bin 205 0x31c287 Nov 18 18:36 d9840

$lssf d9840
stape card instance 49 SCSI target 12 SCSI LUN 2 berkeley unknown density "TYPE_DEPENDENT7" at address 2/2/ d9840

Any insight is appreciated. Any insight particular to the 9940 specifically is especially appreciated. HP-UX 11.0, V2200.
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