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A new tape drive on HP 9000/800 K100 server

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A new tape drive on HP 9000/800 K100 server

Hello everybody,

It seems that our DAT8 tape drive is broken (A3183A)on HP 9000/800 K100 server so I am looking to replace with DAT24 or DAT40 internal but I haven't found any compatible drives. (the problem with the old one is that we can add small size of files on it but if the size is bigger we get this error : fbackup(3045) WRITE ERROR ...)
The second thin I am interesting in is the SCSI interface :
8/0.1.0 disk SEAGATE ST39173WC
8/0.2.0 disk SEAGATE ST19171W
8/0.3.0 disk HP C2490WD
8/0.4.0 disk HP C2490WD
8/0.5.0 disk HP C2490WD
8/0.6.0 disk HP C2490WD
8/0.8.0 disk SEAGATE ST318275LC
8/12/5.2.0 disk TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-4101TA
Here is the question : Are all of them connected to the same interface ( to me yes) ? Some of the are internal some are external(external - FWD, internal SE SCSI)?

Thanks a lot for helping

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Re: A new tape drive on HP 9000/800 K100 server

Sorry the last one
/12/5.2.0 disk TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-4101TA
doesn't include.
Ted Ellis_2
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Re: A new tape drive on HP 9000/800 K100 server

tried to track down an option for internal dds drives on K... no luck yet.

your second question... all of the drives are on the same SCSI bus... SCSI IDs are 1 -6 are your drives.

Looks like everything is coming off the core I/O board, which will be the same bus

You would need to add the second I/O board to expand off the core I/O

Brian M Rawlings
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Re: A new tape drive on HP 9000/800 K100 server

Jaro: you can put a SE DAT24 (DDS3) into the K-class internal bay, but not a DDS4 (DAT40). At least, HP does not support DAT40 internal in the K-class.

The internal SCSI ribbon cable that connects internal DVD and DAT makes it a crap shoot if you try to use other than the 9000-supplied units. In the case of the K-class, use A3542A DDS3 DAT. You should be able to order it from (direct link to this drive)

As for your second question, the K-class all have an internal FWD SCSI bus that connects to the four internal drive bays first (probably the four C2490WD 2GB drives are internal), then has an external connector on the Multifunction card where all the built-in I/O connectors live. Normally, SCSI IDs for the four internal drives would be 6, 5, 4, and 3.

You can see how many drive are internal -- open the front door, and look through the metal mesh below the DAT & CD. You can make out the drives, there are four possible, you probably have two.

The way to tell what all is on the same bus is, look at the Hardware path in the ioscan you provided.

8/0.x.0 is all one SCSI controller, where 8 is the K-class bus, the first 0 is the SCSI controller instance on that bus, and x is the individual SCSI ID for each device on the bus. The last 0 would be used for LUNs in an array, if you had one.

8/12/5.2.0 would be a different SCSI controller attached to internal bus 8. It is actually the multifunction board, with the 12 a sub-bus in the K-class unit, and 5 being the controller instance for the built-in SE controller which runs to the removable media bay for the DAT and CD/DVD.

So, all your FWD SCSI devices are on the one, built-in SCSI bus, and you have a CD on the internal SE SCSI bus. Note that the SE SCSI bus does not have an external connector, so it will never have more than two devices on it.

Hope that answers your questions on this old beast. Ahhh, it takes me back...

Regards, --bmr
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Re: A new tape drive on HP 9000/800 K100 server

Thanks to everybody. You are great.
But I spoke with somebody from HP DAT24,40 centre about these internal tape drives. He told me, that I can use use both DAT24 and DAT40 tape drives. The A3542A DDS3 DAT is realy expensive to compare others so I am looking for info if C1555D (dat24i DDS3) is compatible, because the price is much lower.
And maybe my last question about the DAT is: does anybody have any idea about external DAT tape drives compatible with this server(mayby is not good idea to have all of disks and the tape drive on the same SCSI).

Again thanks a lot.
Jesse Dougherty
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Re: A new tape drive on HP 9000/800 K100 server

FYI Jaro, the A3542A refurbished DDS-3 DAT drives have come way down in price, you are looking at about $275.00
for one.

Hope this helps

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