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A very strange problem

ICT Zona4
Occasional Advisor

A very strange problem

Hi all,
I would like your attention on problem that affecting my SAN from 2 months about. Every Monday I eject a tape from my MSL5000 library with DataProtector 5.10 and all it's ok, but when I push "Mail Slot Access" and open Ultrium door to get a tape in a mailslot 0 all the SAN is blocked and cell manager has many errors reported in system event viewer about fibre channel card timeout. During the problem all the drive couldn't be found or the time to discovery them is very too...... (devbra -dev work but it is very slow, about 5 minutes...)

Could something hel me?

Thank in advance,
Occasional Advisor

Re: A very strange problem

When you push "mail slot access" is the front led blinking (triangle)? If it is so
the library changes to the offline mode. When there is an active backup or any other communication established between server and storage at this moment you will get error messages.