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A3403A FC

Buddy James
Occasional Visitor

A3403A FC

System: K420 (9000/869 B.11.11)

ALERT: fcT1 (0, 2016, 8/8) Resetting Tachyon (Bogus trans-id).

Upon every reboot the system generates the above ALERT message on both A3403A FC cards 8/8 and 8/12. After the system is booted the cards work fine.

Could this be a driver or patch problem?


Yew Lee

Re: A3403A FC

One of our systems has the same behaviour during bootup. Looks okay to me though. :)
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Ashwani Kashyap
Honored Contributor

Re: A3403A FC

are you sure the FC card is A3403A and not A3404A .
I couldn't find anything that says A3403A is supported FC on K class system .
Buddy James
Occasional Visitor

Re: A3403A FC

OOPS that is a typo! You are absolutely correct it should be A3404A.

After researching this further, we have found that our console alarm monitoring system is generating a trouble report on the DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM WARNING message below:

8/8 fcT1
ALERT: fcT1 (0, 2016, 8/8) Resetting Tachyon (Bogus trans-id)
8/8.5 fcT1_cntl
8/8.8 fcp
The diagnostic logging facility has started receiving excessive errors from the I/O subsystem. I/O error entries will be lost until the cause of the excessive I/O logging is corrected.
If the diaglogd daemon is not active, use the Daemon Startup command in stm to start it.
If the diaglogd daemon is active, use the logtool utility in stm to determine which I/O subsystem is logging excessive errors.

This may explain why the FC cards work fine after the system is booted.

Thanks to both of you for responding.