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A4853 DLT Library

Steve Lee_3
Occasional Visitor

A4853 DLT Library

I had inherited this monster from another group in my company, and I couldn't find any information on how to install or troubleshoot it. I keep getting message on the status panel, saying "Drive not talking" for both DLT7000 drives. Also, all status lights on each drive lights up and don't go away...

Could somebody give me some help?

Curt Thompson
Respected Contributor

Re: A4853 DLT Library

Hello Steve,

Looking at each tape drive, the 'Operate Handle' led should be ON solid once the library finishes its Power On Self Test. If they are blinking, then open the front door and cycle the lever on each drive DOWN and then back UP. The lever on each drive is located on the front-right side, next to the tape slot. Of course, only perform this step with no media loaded in the drives.

If those levers are not in the UP position after POST is complete, then the drives will not respond.

Also, look closely at the toothed hub inside the tape slot as you are moving the levers
up and down. It is important that the hub direction is OPPOSITE that of the lever position (i.e. Lever UP = Hub DOWN).

Lastly, don't worry about reaching inside the library while power is applied. Once you open the front door, power is removed from the robot. Carefully position the robot out of your way to access the levers.

Good Luck,