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A7445b Storageworks ultrium 1760.

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A7445b Storageworks ultrium 1760.

Hi one of my customers have a HP  a7445b Storageworks  ultrium 1760. 

they have asked if it is possible to change the 2 scsi drives int he back on the unit to USB drives. 

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Re: A7445b Storageworks ultrium 1760.

The drives are LVD SCSI and the connector is just routed to the back of the chassis.

AFAIK you can get the same as a SAS version, but you need a chassis with SAS connectors and of course new SAS drives, see

You can get the chassis with USB, but I don't know if you can get USB drives too.

This is already an old product ...


there was no USB LTO option:

Hope this helps!

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