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AL Switch and Tape Controller 2 with TL891

Jeffrey Barrow
Occasional Contributor

AL Switch and Tape Controller 2 with TL891

I have multiple RA4100's and multiople clusters, and multiple FAL Switches and some FIber Hubs, with 1 Fiber Tape Controller 2 and 1 TL891 currently. (We'll upgrade to an expansion module or 2 soon.

Here's what I'm trying to do:
Can I connect the 891 to the Tape controller which would be connected to one of the FALS's but allow it to controll the backup of all data from all connected units? We'll be using Veritas NetBackup Enterprise v5.

Basically, I need to backup more than just the connected Clusters, and the Tape Controller 2 only seems to allow one connection to the fiber bus.
Christopher Rupnik
Valued Contributor

Re: AL Switch and Tape Controller 2 with TL891

Hi JEff,
What kinds of hosts are you planning on plugging in? If you have a nice Brocade switch, all you need to do is "qlenable" the port that the tape drive FC-SCSI bridge is plugged into. Then all the hosts on the same switch will be able to see the tape drive.

Remember, as always, to disable any windows hosts that have removable storage service running. But, if you have Veritas already install, you know that.

Have fun!