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Access the Encryption screen on a MLS under Security

James McKean
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Access the Encryption screen on a MLS under Security

We are using a MLS Encryption kit on our MSL G3 Series system and the Physical tape drives are using the Key needed found on the Thumbdrive plugged into the drives, but the password to enter the configuration screen area has had it's password changed by a employee who was fired for other issues. Is there a way to find what he changed that Pin name too so we can make changes to the Encryption keys?
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Re: Access the Encryption screen on a MLS under Security

The MSL password can be changed if you place a service call to HP.

The MSL Encryption Kit key can not be reset, so far as I know -- but if there is any chance, a call to HP will tell you.

Think about it -- if there were a way to change the password on the encryption kit, it wouldn't be very secure, would it? Those devices are sold in a pair -- best practice is to keep one offsite, and every time a new key is created, immediately copy the keys from your primary to your backup.

In addition, I recommend people keep a second and third copy as an encrypted file on some kind of removable media, such as archival quality CD or flash memory stick. If you have a second person generate and track the password for those encrypted files, you'll not need to worry about one person messing you up like this.

In many countries, acts of sabotage are punishable by law; it might be worthwhile to see if the threat of prosecution will help this ex-employee's memory.
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