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Active Directory Restore not happening in DPX

Occasional Contributor

Active Directory Restore not happening in DPX

We are testing the DPX evaluation version that has all features valid for 60 days.(hope that's correct)
We performed a full backup on an Exchange Domain Controller with the following settings:
Backup Mode: Full
Write Mode: Overwrite All Media.

The Activity log says that Disater Recovery has been completed. Also First Storage Group and MTA along with the Catalog have been backed up.

We are able to do an OBDR and restore the system to get to DSR Mode. After logging in and starting DPX and trying to do a System State restore or selective restore of Active Directory - the tape is rejected.

Are we missing something, was the backup incomplete? when we look at the media view there are little x's on the Mail Stores and Active Directory and Sys Vol in Sys State.

Here's hoping we dont have to do this again!
Jaclyn Rothe
Trusted Contributor

Re: Active Directory Restore not happening in DPX

OBDR is the process of; creating OBDR bootable medis (done automatically by DPX unless un-selected), envoking OBDR mode on the drive, inserting OBDR media, letting bootable tape restore the OS trace info and rebuild the OS.

As far as I know the evaluation version is a single server edition and does not do anything that additional clients are intended to do. You may need to purchase the extra clients to get the info backed up you are attmepting to restore.
Occasional Contributor

Re: Active Directory Restore not happening in DPX

Thanks for your reply

We are not using the single server version or the proliant version - we are using the 60 day free trial version which should have all features enabled.
We can restore the AD from the previous backup tape not the one used for the OBDR which doesn't make sense - that doesn't mean I haven't tweaked somthing wrong.

I just need some support for this product which appears to be sadly lacking.
(Go figure - we have 7 Single Server Licenses which come with the Ultrium 448s, we have 7 Proliant Licenses which come with the servers - the licensing says there is phone support but no phone numbers!)

Interesting test results so far - we can restore a 2003 DC/Exchange server bare metal recovery in just over two hours using Data Express - the same test with Computer Associates Brightstor Disaster Recovery 11.5SP2 takes over 8 hours - yes that right over 8 hours = we were stunned.