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After DAT 12/24 replacement

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

After DAT 12/24 replacement

Proliant 400 with Compaq 12/24GB connected to the Server feature board at id6 with one disk at ID 0.

1/ Novell Netware 5.0 - Support Pack 6a
2/ Arcserve 6.6 - Service Pack 4 plus other newer patches
3/ Compaq 12/24 - Bios ver. 4.22
4/ New tapes are SONY 125P - ( bought from Compaq )
5/ Using SBCON works OK !!!

The original DAT didn?t let me format or erase. It was replaced and now I can format and erase however...

Once in a very long while backup is successful but if I try a merge I get invalid signature on file, medium error detected etc. Most of the time when I backup, NDS is OK, SYS is OK, VOL1 gives me a E1145 media write error.

ALL available service and support packs have been aplied. System bios, server feature board and tape bios are ALL up to date.

Fact: I had no such problems util the DAT was replaced.
The only conclusion that I have come to is that the new DAT bios is not compatible with Arcserve apart from the fact that it is listed in the Arcserve Certified Device List.

Has anybody had a similar problem ??? All help apreciated.