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ArcServe 9.01 generates SCSI-Error with HP Ultrium 460i

Stelzl Marcus
Occasional Advisor

ArcServe 9.01 generates SCSI-Error with HP Ultrium 460i


i installed a Proliant ML570 G2 with a HP Ultrium 460i.

The tape drive is connected to the embedded LVD-SCSI-Controller on the motherboard of the ML570. There is no other device on the same SCSI-Bus. The SCSI-Bus is terminated with an active terminator. (Original cable out of the box from the ML570).
I think there is no hardware error on the server, SCSI-bus and the tape-drive and the tape. The HP-test-software delivered with the tape drive successfully completed all test on the configuration.

The Software is Windows 2000 Server SP3.
Arcserve 9.01 Patch 4A and Device Support Patch 2.

When i try to make a backup with "compare tape to disc" and Arcserve rewinds the tape between the backup and the compare i get a SCSI-Bus error in then System-Log:
Das Gerät \Device\Scsi\adpu160m1 hat innerhalb der Fehlerwartezeit nicht geantwortet.
(device \Device\Scsi\adpu160m1 did not respond in the errorwaittime)

If i make a backup without compare, and then try to restore a file from the end of the tape all works fine.

Has anyone come across this ?

Thanks Marcus