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Arcserve 11 and DLT VS80 performance

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Arcserve 11 and DLT VS80 performance

I have a Proliant server win2K running Arcseve v11. I had an internal DLT8000 drive which backups were working fine until it got faulty and we bought a new DLT VS80. After installation of internal VS80 drive the backups were teribly slow. We did the registry update of DefaultBlockFactor=7 Hex D_word and still same problem. What am I doing wrong? My Cartridge type under Arcseve Device properties is DAT. Is this correct? If not, how to change it?
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Re: Arcserve 11 and DLT VS80 performance

Maybe it is down to the fact that the DLT VS80 is simply slower?

It has native sustained transfer rate of 3MB/s in comparison to 6MB/s for DLT8000.
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