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Assign a Tape drive letter

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Assign a Tape drive letter

I have a HPproliant ML370 GM with a tape drive and i want to assign a drive letter for this tape drive to be accessed from windows, I found the way to add logical address in unix but i can't find it in windows.
if any one can help
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Re: Assign a Tape drive letter


some years ago, I think it was in the time of DOS and Win 3.x, there was a possibility to assign a tapedrive a drive letter due a special driver.

IMHO is there no way to assign a drive letter to a tape drive under windows, cause a tape is sequential accessed tape drive. A disk or a floppy drive can be random accessed. If you want to access a file on a tape, windows needs to know where the drive is stored, need to forward to the tape position, and read the file. But windows doesn't know this, and can't store it. Maybe with a special driver / software.

Hope this helps.

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