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Attempting OBDR with DL380-G5 and Ultrium 460

Ben Tullis
Occasional Contributor

Attempting OBDR with DL380-G5 and Ultrium 460


I'm trying to use the OBDR feature of an Ultrium 460 external tape drive (firmware F63D), in order to create a disaster recovery solution.

The server is a Proliant DL380 G5 (system ROM 05/01/2007)

The primary storage controller is a Smartarray P400 512Mb with battery backup.
The tape drive is connected to an HP single-channel U320 PCI-X HBA. (HP part number 374654-B21, firmware version 5.05.21) attached to the PCI-X riser card. (p/n 410570-b21)

The System ROM is set to use the add-in SCSI card as the primary boot controller.

When I put the drive into OBDR mode (eject+power or F8) and restart the server, the SCSI card says "Bootable media located, Using non-Emulation mode", followed by "Loaded MPT boot ROM" then just sits there. I've given it around an hour and I'll leave it overnight tonight to see if it makes any difference.

The application I used to create the bootable tape is mkcdrec and the host o/s is Debian Linux 4.0. I realise that these are not on the supported lists, but I do believe that the tape was created with the right header format and the cdrom image will boot.

Can anyone tell me whether they've been able to get this combination of hardware to work/play together, or if I will require a different HBA.

Many thanks,
Ben Tullis