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AutoLUN & RaidMgr (RMXP) or HDVMCLI

Honored Contributor

AutoLUN & RaidMgr (RMXP) or HDVMCLI

Hi Experts!

Has anyone ever tried using RM to AutoLUN-migrate the data? (I heard that it's possible).

Also, is there any option in HDVMCLI to perform the "RESERVE" and "AUTOLUN" the volumes?

All I am looking at is automation of this process because the GUI restrictions are for 8 volumes at a time and needs thousands of clicks.

Thanks in advance.
Honored Contributor

Re: AutoLUN & RaidMgr (RMXP) or HDVMCLI

Guess what !!!

I found the solution. It's additional switch to paircreate command "-m".

So the command looks something like:

#paircreate -g groupname -m cc -vl

CC stands for Cruise Control (old HDS name for AutoLUN).