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Autoloader 1/8 Factory Reset

Wes H
Occasional Visitor

Autoloader 1/8 Factory Reset

My Autoloader 1/8 LTO 230 recently became bricked during a firmware update. I was using the L&TT Tools 4.3 and upgrading from H43r to H45r. During the update, both devices literally disappeared from windows and have never returned. It is no longer visible to the HP LSILogic HBA either during POST. I may have stumped tech support with this as well, a "Firmware Update" Tape (FUP) that I created on a different tape drive will NOT work. I'm thinking it is because of the jacked-up firmware. At this point, all I need is info on how to reset the Autoloader to factory fresh condition. This is our main backup unit and really need to get this going ASAP. Please help!!
Valued Contributor

Re: Autoloader 1/8 Factory Reset

Hi Wes,

The FUP tape is only for updating the firmware on the tape drives. It won't upgrade or fix the firwmare for the library / library robotics controller.

As far as I'm aware, there is no way to reset the unit back to factory defaults. There is no backup firmware image in the event that the primary becomes corrupt during an upgrade.

Your only option, is to have the main electronics board replaced that holds the firmware for the autoloader.

And I'd advise against trying to put that same level of firmware onto another unit, as I think it will have similar results of making the unit inoperable.

Wes H
Occasional Visitor

Re: Autoloader 1/8 Factory Reset

Thanks for the quick response. So basically it's hosed. That's what I was afraid of. I also got confirmation from tech support yesterday as well. Does anybody know where I could find spare parts?

Anyone reading this using a storageworks autoloader 1/8 ultrium 230 be wary that a firmware update (at least from H43r to H45r) may possibly render your tape drive useless.