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Autoloader - 1/8 G2 Tape

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Autoloader - 1/8 G2 Tape

Good Morning,



I am trying to update the firmware of my autoloader, but I am having dificulties finding the firmware in the HP site.


I put the serial number it goes to my autoloader but asks for a operating system, if i'm going to update via Autoloader WEB GUI, is it relevant the operating system? bit confused here, any help would be apreciated.


Here's the specs of my autoloader:


Autoloader Information Serial Number MXA74200GU Product ID 1x8 G2 AUTOLDR Currently Installed Autoloader Firmware 1.80 / 1.80n Bootcode Firmware Revision 0.60


Drive Specs:

Drive Information (LUN) Vendor ID HP Product ID Ultrium 3-SCSI Serial Number HUE08316P4 Firmware Revision D24W


It is connected via SCSI to a centos 7 server.


Thank you

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Re: Autoloader - 1/8 G2 Tape

Get the bundle


and use the web GUI to update.


Read the notes about the steps!!!



Drive FW is still the same, loader firmware should be 4.30 finally.

Hope this helps!

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